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Tough Times

tough times never last, tough people do.
when things get tougher that you thought, what do you do?
give up to the situation and walk away?
or stay strong, remain calm and just do whatever you can?
once a decision is made, challenges will come.
Allah will not give something you want unless you deserve it; with your struggle and hard work.
be strong, even when you are alone.
be strong, even when you are in the lowest point of your life.
be strong, even when you have to walk alone.
be strong, even when you are damn exhausted yet you are not even half done.

do not compare your life to others, it kills.
do not compare your journey to others, it makes your life miserable.
do not ever questions why Allah gives you this kind of journey, He planned it well for you.
focus on yourself, focus on your life, strengthen your inner locus of control.
cheer up. shed the tears. smile. 
again, when challenges come, will you give up or remain strong?
i choose the latter.

First week of internship

Alhamdulillah. Now I'm entering my very last semester for my degree, which is my internship program. 6 bulan beb. I'm only in my very first week and i'm feel like.....quitting T.T
Now i am one of the Trainee in Petronas, KLCC. Reporting duty in HR, specifically under Leadership and Capability Department, under a very small unit which is Capability Development. The job and knowledge i got there is interesting, but the working hours, and the working environment is disaster. Cuz I have experienced a better one. 
Depa kat Petronas very workaholic. Semua jenis balik lewat. huhu. Sarah pack barang nak balik around 5 lebih semua steady je lagi buat kerja kat ofis seolah olah baru pukul 3 -_-". Siap je pack barang bos panggil bagi kerja lagi. Sobs sobs. Memang mengeluh manjang duduk kat ofis. Buat DMO berejam idok pula mengeluh. huhu.

It is only my very first week, tapi dah ada empat ketui jerawat naik balik kat muka. Haha. Now i'm living in Bangi, in my aunt's…


Buddy should share everything.
How can i share the joy and pain when you dont understand?