Something i always look forward for

Is to see those faces searching for something in life.


We tend to make a judgement about someonejust by looking the way they act, dress and whatnot. In psychology we call it as halo effect.

Should a daie do the same thing? No.

Should a merchant do the same thing? No.

When I started Herbalife business year a go I chose to whom I want to talk about nutrition, with whom i wanna share, and who am i going to scale their weight. Ish teruk kan?

Actually It all started with a clear mind setting really.

Back to what my topic, Islam teaches us not to prejudge anyone in normal situation. Sebabnya, ramai sangat sekarang ni yang saya lihat dan nampak sangat terejal gilagila huha huha tapi deep inside actually they are looking for something unknown to them. Maybe they act like that just to get a peace of mind but actually they are not feeling those wanted feeling. Or maybe they really wanted to be better but no one give a helping hand to lead their way. Sad innit?

Therefore it's our job to make the first move. To touch those heart who wanted to feel the calm feeling of having Allah in their heart.


"Erm, budak kecik nak tak seminggu skali kita makan sesama pastu citer sket2 pasal hati kite. Jom ah"

"Maksud akak usrah ke?"

"Err. Haah. Bleh? Ajakla kengkawan skali"

"Naaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkk. Kitorang dah lame teringin tapi takde sapa pun penah ajak kite"



"Akak nak buat satu permintaan. Jom kita beriringan tangan masuk Syurga Allah samasama nak tak?" - Aura Besi (Ummu Mumtazah)


I miss you kak besi. Yaww



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