Off 22 years of life


Off 22 years of life. Have I had enough?


Have I used it solely for the sake of Allah?

Have I be a good servant of Allah?

Have I made my parent smile?

Have I made my siblings happy?

Have I help those people in need?

Have I be kind to my friends?

Have I spread the truth?

Have I give the best shot of being the better me?


New year, new age, new phase of life

New target, new mission new vision

New challenges, new people, new environment.

Bismillah and let's make a fresh start.

Need help and support though.

Life is getting harder and harder.

And to be strong all I have to do is being closer and closer to Allah.


May Allah pardon my sins.

May Allah bless me.

May Allah grants us Jannah :)

Happy belated birthday, strong girl.


Rahmah said…
Selamat Hari Jadi Sarah. :) semoga Allah berkati umur mu syg. :)

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