Lovely sisters

Lovely sisters around me. I thank Allah every single day of giving me lovely sisters for me to make friends and mingle around.

They are positive. They love Allah and The Prophet Muhammad pbuh and they strive to get His blessing every single day :)

My lovely sisters are my big sistah kakak and kakcik.

And my lovely cousins. Hanis, Ain, Ena, Nekmah. I love them and o thank Allah for the Hidayah He gave to us and make us busy with DnT

The sahibahs too are my lovely sisters. The people i meet every single day. The one that i share my thoughts, emotions, problems and whatnot woth them.

And the newly make-friends from my herbalife life. Sisters in herbalife too are really positive.

Every single day i pray to Him to allow us to live in Jannah together in the hereafter life. Ameen.


Rasa macam tengah mengarang english essay darjah enam. Uhu

Aite. Done iftar and now it's time to for Majlis Inspirasi Sirah with my sisters ^_^


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