Life plan. Do you have one?

It's 1.15 am and yeah, i'm here. I think i'm having a short term insomnia. Too tired to fall asleep i guess.


Several days ago I had a conversation with my groupmate, Baarathan. An Indian guy who looks like Sami Yusuf but Indian version.

Baarath: So Sarah what is you future 10 years plan?

Me: Academically or the whole life?

Baarath: You can share both if you want.


Then I shared several of my planning. When to get start my Master study and by which year I should have a Doctorate. When I want to be a GET, Mill and PresTeam. Tediaaa. Eventhough i think he did not understand what i'm saying. lol. Later all of my group member shared their life planning in simple. Learn to gain knowledge.


There is saying "if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail"

This saying really embedded in my heart and mind as i read it everyday everytime i arrived school. It has been painted on one of the walls in school.

As a person, or as a Muslim we really need to have a life plan. Though at times our plan may not become reality, but at least we know what we are doing and we always have a goal to achieve. You better plan one if you dont have any. NOW.

A plan can be short or long term plan. What course will you take, when do you want to get married, what career do you want to choose, when to take Master, at which country do you want to settle down, spiritual planning either it is self improvement, or your target to help more people inside out :)


Plan with His guidance, and work to make it happens.


I should stop here and go to bed now. Seriously the eyebag has appeared yet i still cannot sleep. Tomorrow will be a loooooooong day full of group projects to be done. May Allah eases.


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