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Lovely sisters

Lovely sisters around me. I thank Allah every single day of giving me lovely sisters for me to make friends and mingle around.

They are positive. They love Allah and The Prophet Muhammad pbuh and they strive to get His blessing every single day :)

My lovely sisters are my big sistah kakak and kakcik.

And my lovely cousins. Hanis, Ain, Ena, Nekmah. I love them and o thank Allah for the Hidayah He gave to us and make us busy with DnT

The sahibahs too are my lovely sisters. The people i meet every single day. The one that i share my thoughts, emotions, problems and whatnot woth them.

And the newly make-friends from my herbalife life. Sisters in herbalife too are really positive.

Every single day i pray to Him to allow us to live in Jannah together in the hereafter life. Ameen.


Rasa macam tengah mengarang english essay darjah enam. Uhu

Aite. Done iftar and now it's time to for Majlis Inspirasi Sirah with my sisters ^_^

Fokus please fokus

Esok ada 2 tests.

Proposal chapter 1 and 2 belum siap. I am forcing myself to love the topic but just can't :(
Problem statement pun tak dapat lagi acane nak buat.

Bahan untuk sharing dengan adik adik pun belum prepare.

OD is confusing. Reading the same semtemces over and over yet nothing spark the mind.

HR is good cuz the book is really student friendly.

Just done with ads for CP.

Mata kat buku otak fikir benda lain.

Otak penat. Badan nak rehat.

But i'm not even half done.

*minum teamix pekat*

Mari stay up malam ni muehe


Selalu doa kat Allah ; Rabbi mohon diberikan kecukupan dan kelapangan masa dalam memenuhi tanggungjawab harian, dalam membina kefahaman dan kemahiran, hubungan sesama insan.

Sebab memang terasa sangat, tanggungjawab lebih banyak dari masa yang ada tapi Allah selalu beri kecukupan dan kelapangan waktu. Memang rasa magic sangat kadang kadang. Rasa macam dah buat kerja lama dah kat library tapi waktu seolah olaj tak bergerak. Hebat kan Allah?

Uhu. Jadi mint…

Life plan. Do you have one?

It's 1.15 am and yeah, i'm here. I think i'm having a short term insomnia. Too tired to fall asleep i guess.


Several days ago I had a conversation with my groupmate, Baarathan. An Indian guy who looks like Sami Yusuf but Indian version.

Baarath: So Sarah what is you future 10 years plan?

Me: Academically or the whole life?

Baarath: You can share both if you want.


Then I shared several of my planning. When to get start my Master study and by which year I should have a Doctorate. When I want to be a GET, Mill and PresTeam. Tediaaa. Eventhough i think he did not understand what i'm saying. lol. Later all of my group member shared their life planning in simple. Learn to gain knowledge.


There is saying "if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail"

This saying really embedded in my heart and mind as i read it everyday everytime i arrived school. It has been painted on one of the walls in school.

As a person, or as a Muslim we really need to have a…

Something i always look forward for

Is to see those faces searching for something in life.


We tend to make a judgement about someonejust by looking the way they act, dress and whatnot. In psychology we call it as halo effect.

Should a daie do the same thing? No.

Should a merchant do the same thing? No.

When I started Herbalife business year a go I chose to whom I want to talk about nutrition, with whom i wanna share, and who am i going to scale their weight. Ish teruk kan?

Actually It all started with a clear mind setting really.

Back to what my topic, Islam teaches us not to prejudge anyone in normal situation. Sebabnya, ramai sangat sekarang ni yang saya lihat dan nampak sangat terejal gilagila huha huha tapi deep inside actually they are looking for something unknown to them. Maybe they act like that just to get a peace of mind but actually they are not feeling those wanted feeling. Or maybe they really wanted to be better but no one give a helping hand to lead their way. Sad innit?

Therefore it's our…

Off 22 years of life


Off 22 years of life. Have I had enough?


Have I used it solely for the sake of Allah?

Have I be a good servant of Allah?

Have I made my parent smile?

Have I made my siblings happy?

Have I help those people in need?

Have I be kind to my friends?

Have I spread the truth?

Have I give the best shot of being the better me?


New year, new age, new phase of life

New target, new mission new vision

New challenges, new people, new environment.

Bismillah and let's make a fresh start.

Need help and support though.

Life is getting harder and harder.

And to be strong all I have to do is being closer and closer to Allah.


May Allah pardon my sins.

May Allah bless me.

May Allah grants us Jannah :)

Happy belated birthday, strong girl.