macam macam.

There are some pains, sangat strong. If we remember those memories, we feel the pain as hurtful as it just happened yesterday. Fresh wound. 

Those pains that caused us persistence. Jatuh, ttp nak bangun secepatnya utk selamatkan diri dari sakit yg lebih teruk, yg kits pernah rasa  

Harini ada org dtg kat kita dan cerita masalah dia, sama dgn kits. Like a knife, it stabbed me. I remember those days. 

Be strong my friend, as you are developing an unimaginable strength. Like a mountain, only Allah can stop you.  

Damn those people who say bad words, be rude, arrogant, that kill us when we are small. Be big. Prove them wrong.

Thanks to those people who make us suffer. They are building a giant within us. Thanks to them.  

Kesian mereka kerana menyakitkan org, org terus grow, mereka terus kekal. Kesian kerana Allah memilih mereka utk jadi ujian pd org lain. 

My strength today is resulted from being pushed, being stepped on, being hurt, being humiliated, disrespected, when I'm small. Allahuakbar.  

When complainer come in hlf, the 1st thing we do is to cut off all their complains. Die sakit hati ngn kite, tp Tanpa sedar improve diri. 

Successful people grow not bcoz they hv everything.But bcoz they r gratitude with what they have n gunakannya utk b'jaya.  

Even if u don't like herbalife, siapa halalkan you dari marah2 org buat herbalife? Apa yg menghalalkan rudeness?
those are words from kak Amalina Peter in her twitter. tak tahu kenapa nak share. maybe sebab tengah rasa benda yang sama kut?
mohon doa. Alhamdulillah satu persatu dreams come true dengan izin Allah.


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