Random : These few months

Inspiring Makcik from Terengganu during my very first Spectacular'12.
Even though she's an OKU, but her dedication to help more people improve their health is 
really2 wow!

Oh Allah, 
you know everything in me 
when others don't.

Oh Allah,
others may see me in silence,
but You see me in plead.

Oh Allah,
others may see me in laughter,
but You see me in tears.

Oh Allah, 
others may see me giving,
but You see what's taken from me.

Oh Allah,
others may see my 'good' appearance,
but You see me my dirty soul.

Oh Allah,
others may claim I have a good faith and stand,
but only You see me in doubt.

Oh Allah, 
I pray to you to increase my patience, 
strengthen my faith 
and help me walk through this difficult journey.

Oh Allah, 
accept my repentance,
and never make me repeat my wrong doings.

Oh Allah,
bless me with all Your blessings, 
as without your blessing I may not enter your Jannah.

Sarah ZainalPuteh.


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