Note : Alhamdulillah I'm a woman

In Islam, a Woman is always under the care of someone. When she’s young, she’s under the care of her parents. When she’s married, she’s under the care of her husband. And when she’s old, she’s under the care of her children. These are her guardians and worldly protectors. Look at how Allah takes care of them from birth till death.

lol i'm a girl or woman actulie? confuse @@,


muna majidah said…
u're a lady..
still in confusion?
alamak gdah!
enti dah buat ana lagi pening.
enti tambah satu lagi word lah.
cemana ni?
takde, benanye, mmg lah dah layak dipanggil lady@woman. masalahnya perangai macam a girl je lagi ^.^

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