Note : Nope

all the so called ustaz and ustazah keep saying 
"it's a NO to valentine's day! haram!"
and all the tudung labuh-nian say so.

but certain of them saying it's a YES to ISLAMIC COUPLE.
coz Islamic Couple will make us closer to God.
oh yea? is it really? hello guys..
there are no couple term in Islam ok.
if you insist to make love with your couple,
get married then. and everything will be HALAL for you.

be it's a Valentine's day..
be it's a western couple..
be it's ISLAMIC couple..
they are all prohibited in Islam.
got it?

so, jom. hentikan islamic couple.
kata nak bawa Islam.
takkan orang nak bawa Islam tu sendiri
yang menjatuhkan Islam.
takkan kita nak perbuatan kita tu
jadi fitnah kepada Islam.
tak gitu kawan kawan?

May Allah strengthen out Iman.
to get rid of these puppy love.
or the so called Islamic Couple.
Allahumma ameen 

for me to remember, for you to ponder.

[] kinda emotional post i think. hehe


Anonymous said…
kak sarah ana nk mntak izin nk share..jazakillah

aishah humaira.
@aishah,, my pleasure sis ^_^

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