Friends : dear

i just read my close friend's tumblr.
and it hurts me a lot.
she needs my help.
yet i'm pulling off my shoulder of her.
and i can't be there for her right now.
i'm intending to write a soothing words for her.
i'm not a good soother.
am not a good writer too.
will always pray for her.
and give my full support towards her.
hoping to visit you even sooner.
and May Allah gives us chance to meet and hug.
dear, wait for my love letter insya Allah.
do pray for me too.
May Allah share us His strength.
just finished my presentation.
kinda the worst i think.
not fully prepared.
yet, struggling for midterm tomorrow.
and drown over with messy assignments.
dear, may Allah give you patience.
just be strong, and keep holding on.


nur3izz said…
ingatan dalam doa itu tanda ukhwah kita.. dia pasti memahaminya..
yakinlah, doa senjata mukmin..
Sarah, chaiyok2!

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