Psyche : green deen

of thousands books at MPH@Jusco, this is the one and only book being nicely wrapped, and sadly, can't be opened, viewed or read through the content. geramnya!
or maybe because the owner has already know my habit of reading 'his' book for hours. hehe. dah mahal sangat. mana cek mampu nak beli uncle oii.. 

at a glance, I can sense this is a very nice and a must-read book ever.
but seriously, i need to read this book. it's for the sake of my assignment. does anyone has it? dengan muka sardinnya, saya nak pinjam buleh?
[] currently being a bookaholic (is this term mawjud neway?hehe).
[] maybe coz of the green cover makes me kinda gila nak baca. kehkehkeh


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