Famili : welcome back!

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then comes father.

respect her wishes.

try your best to make her happy.

spend your time together with her.

love her the most.

cook for her.



she went back home. washed clothes. wrote something on the whiteboard - the place to write family's schedule and planner - as usual. full. pack.

"what's that?"

"peWaris. i'm gonna be one of the facis"

"oh yea, when? where?"

"during CNY at UMKL. why, any probs?"

"ohh. your brothers and sisters will be at home. family gathering. kinda."

"ohh yea? wahha! bestnya! when was the last time we get together in this house ek? i think it was 2 years back. raya 2009 isn't it? abang, banden, kakak, kakcik smua balik ka??!"

"ha ah"

"so, i'm hoping you're home. bila lagi nak duduk kumpul sekali. time ni la pun nak buat halaqat famili. you were not at home either during your semester holiday. buzy with your debate, jdk etc. bulan ni pun berderet kamu takda hujung minggu"

"tapi..emm..ok, no biggie. i'll cancel out my name later on. have to find someone to replace me then"


family's everything. nothing can replace them. i'm not telling that family will make us go astray from DnT. it just that, even daie needs time with their families. coz DnT start from family. am i right? or am i wrong? correct me if i'm wrong k.


so, happy ber-peWaris-ing to all the committees, facis, and participants! may Allah ease us all, may everyone gets 'something' valuable in attending this program.


welcome home my dear big brothers and sisters. we are waiting for you. don't forget to buy me any ole-ole noh! drive safely, safe journey insya Allah ^^,

for me to remember, for you to ponder

[] i wish i could come and give some help, but insya Allah He will give me. other opportunity. put your trust in Allah, there is wisdom lies behind.
[] i'm practicing English writing now. kinda berkarat dah. i'll be happy if anyone can correct my writing ^^,


Atiqah said…
owh..i just read this post after knowing that u were not able to join PEWARIS. such a lost for us, but i know Allah has planned the best for us and for u..yup, spend time with ur family this sem break..

InsyaAllah, there will be another great program waiting for u next time around.
kak atiqah! i'm deeply sorry!
and sory of causing such an inconveniences here and there. hope PEWARIS will run smoothly. dont forget to share some pic k ^^,

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