my team - third place. that guy was our coach :)

assalamualaikum readers.. happy Ramadhan Kareem - AllahuAkram! whoa. it's already 17th of Ramadhan lah. how time flies like flies [hah?] hehe.

insya Allah today i'll be off to UKM till sunday for debat persahabatan sempana Ramadhan [PERAMAH]. do make some doa for our team na.

while pakcing things, i read a book written by sis zabrina [a very cool author, and a must read book]. and i found something interesting to be shared with :)


The Prophet s.a.w said :
the person who has a bath on Friday and goes early to the mosque on foot, and not by a vehicle, listen to the khutbah and does not do any foolish act while it is beeing delivered, will get the reward of one year's fasting, and one year's prayer; for every step that he takes
mak aihhh..Ya Allah..how wonderfull and gracious Allah is. i almost fainted [hyperbola] after reading this hadith. Allah only asked us to do these three simple things - bathing, walking and listening to get the reward. NOTED, it is one year's fasting, and one year's prayer; for every step that he takes. i repeat, for EVERY STEP.

ok, bayangkan. even kalau rumah kita sebelah masjid, kurang kurang pun mesti more thant 20steps baru boleh sampai masjid kan? kalau rumah kita jauh sikit? macam mana pulak kalau mahallah/kolej kediaman kita jauuuuuh dari masjid yet still kita berjalan kaki pi masjid?

let us make a simple calculation. say, 20steps in 1 friday which can easily been translated as getting the reward of 20 years of fasting and prayers. now say we've been doing it for 10 years [ 54fridays in 10 years] dah berapa dah tu? baaanyaakkk..

feh..banyak nya ganjawan Allah nak bagi..berlipat lipat kali ganda ye kawan kawan..

so, tunggu apa lagi? make sure this Jum'ah we go to the mosque by foot :)

orite. got to go. my mak halaqat is waiting for me. till then,


for me to remember, for you to ponder


Wan said…
thanks for sharing...

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